What we do

Creative Connector is a place where corporations come when they are in need of fast and smooth innovation of their core business.

We connect corporations with startups in chosen business fields and we facilitate their contact and cooperation. Creative Connector fosters Open Innovation – it creates a world where corporations work together with startups in order to reach their strategic goals and where startups work together with corporations in order to break through with their ideas and technologies.


Layer 1

We map a business field - chosen by our client - for startups that develop innovative solutions and have potential for cooperation.

Layer 2

A client picks up to 3 solutions - best fit - and we prepare a detailed report together with these startups.

Layer 3

We align our client with the startup that makes it through the funnel via workshops. We set up a cooperation framework which is developed based on our experience in building startups for corporations.

About us

Creative Connector is a service provided by Creative Dock – a startup studio which has been building startups for corporations for 5 years.

In last 5 years Creative Dock – a Prague-based startup studio – has built over 30 startups. The main strength of the company is its execution power. Creative Dock has its methodology based around an innovation process that allows the company to develop startups and bring them to the market in less than 6 months. Creative Dock are pioneers in open innovation – www.creativedock.com.


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